Everyday Hope

Hope for today. Hope for tomorrow. Hope – in every area of life. These are just a few of the timely topics included in this refreshing volume designed to lighten your day and lift your spirit. Each reading will speak to your heart as you experience the perpetual joy that only our Master Creator can provide. The more than 200 daily devotions and related scripture are succinct and power packed, perfect to fit into even your busiest day.

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The Buzz!

“Each page of Everyday Hope has helped me so much. I am struggling with something in my life at this time, but with prayer and reading your book, I am inspired! I feel such positive energy from the Lord while I’m reading your book. I read many of the readings over and over. I do not believe in coincidences; I believe The Lord led me to your book. I wanted to let you know how you have touched my life.”
~ Vickie D, Indiana

“I went into the grocery store and this beautiful little book jumped right into my cart! It must have known how many people in my life are struggling with hope. I shared “Smiling in the Darkness” on page 40 with a friend whose mother-in-law fell two months ago, which resulted in her becoming blind. My friend couldn’t believe the words of this little devotion and how it seemed meant especially for her. ” 
~ Nancy, N. Carolina


Your book, Everyday Hope, really saved me last year during one of the most challenging times of my life. Every day, as I lay in bed, crying, the only thing that I could feel comfort in doing was reading pages of this book. In just a day and a half, I finished your insightful book, full of hope, and then I started re-reading it again and again.

The winter season passed and now, exactly a year later, I am in a place of renewed hope for my life, even though the challenges have not subsided, but rather increased. The only difference is that this year I have a new attitude and a new path to follow.” 
~ Marisa, Tampa, FL