Fear Survey

For women aged 18 and above

Thank you so much for sacrificing your precious time to fill out this brief survey that will be included in my fear book scheduled for release Feb, 2013 (the poor thing doesn’t have a name yet, so be sure to check out the contest HERE to name my book!).

The survey is easy! It shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes. Just look through the list below of fears common to women and choose the top three fears you struggle with most in descending order, #1 being your worst fear, #2 next in line, and #3 being the least worrisome the three. If one or more of your top three personal fears are not listed, please feel free to add them. Jot them on a piece of scrap paper unless your memory is better than mine.

Please choose only three.

Then click HERE and transfer them to an e-mail that goes directly to me. Please include your name and age. (name is actually optional but age is essential for the survey results). Your private info and answers will not be shared with anyone else, I promise.

Many, many thanks for participating in this survey. I’d be much obliged if you’d share the link with all the women on your contact list.


failure physical harm
pain old age/senility
rejection the future
shame/humiliation death
betrayal conflict
losing your job loss of looks
disease/illness/Cancer dependency on others
loss of possessions/home gaining weight
heights/depths/closed spaces abandonment/loneliness
being judged unfairly specific critters (snakes, roaches, etc.)
punishment receiving bad news
losing spouse/parents/children the unknown/the “what ifs”
other: (fill in) other: (fill in)

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