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First Editing - Then Publishing

Get the help you need each step of the way

Writing your text is simply the beginning. Bringing your book to life is a huge process involving editing, formatting, publishing, marketing and more. You need experts who can help you each step of the way. We can assist you today!

We are available via phone, chat and email to answer all your questions. Simply contact us!

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Let us show you what we can do with YOUR document!

Manuscripts...Books...Theses... Novels...Dissertations...Essays... Ad-copy ...Business documents... SEND US a portion of YOUR writing and we'll quickly send you a FREE professional editing sample demonstrating how we can edit your words to ABSOLUTE PERFECTION!

Chief Editor

Unparalleled Success

Since 1994, our staff has assisted clients around the world -- editing documents in American/Canadian, British, and Australian English!  We've helped thousands of amateur and professional writers achieve their publication goals.  CLICK HERE FOR YOUR QUOTE!


Professional Editor

Our team professionally edits fiction, non-fiction and creative documents of ALL genres!

Whether you've just completed the manuscript of a future best seller or you're struggling to perfect a technical presentation, our highly qualified editing team will transform YOUR words into literary perfection! Whatever the topic: YOU write it, WE'LL perfect it!

Editing Satisfaction Guaranteed

Every client is assigned a personal chief editor...

At FirstEditing.Com, we're fully aware that our continued success depends upon your repeat business & referrals. As our client, you will be assigned a unique customer ID# and granted full access to the editor in charge of your project!  Satisfaction is GUARANTEED! Take a look at our TESTIMONIALS!



Latest reviews and testimonials

Jun 30
I decided on engaging FirstEditing to help edit my work for epublishing because they are patient and answered all my queries satisfactorily. I also like their free sample editing which enables me to assess their work before committing. Editing corrected common errors and ensure that the final piece of writing is suitable for publishing. I would like to thank FirstEditing for helping me to publish my work.

Eng Cheng, Singapore, Singapore

Jun 29
I requested Lee Ann because I loved the way she worked on my previous books. I was not disappointed. I really loved working with her on this book and look forward to sending my next book to her. This book so be ready to publish in a few weeks.

Harold, Chelsea, United States of America

Jun 28
My editor, Lee Ann, who worked with me was extremely professional, in-depth, always on time with the suggested corrections, and gave great feedback. Whether that feedback came through a knowledgeable critique or a witty light-hearted joke/pun, that feedback definitely gave me much needed confidence. -I acquired the services of FirstEditing simply out of curiosity, to test and determine how good the service really is. What I discovered was an editing source that I can go back to without question. FirstEditing should be on the top of your list if you want a reliable, friendly, proficient editing source. -Grammar has always been a pretty challenging factor for me, as I'm sure many others, while writing. Especially, when a story runs through your head like a freight train it's hard to keep up with those little grammatical details. FirstEditing cleans that up in a timely manner with respect to the story. -As an independent author FirstEditing has helped me tenfold in terms of me sharing my writing artistry and taking myself seriously as a budding contemporary author and poet. Also, I can't say it enough, this process has given me much needed confidence to venture out into this industry, which can be very subjective and harsh at times as I'm sure you know.

Adam, Jersey City, United States of America

Jun 25
I am really happy with Dr. Natasha's work. I know it was hard times N. has spent with my text but it is absolutely perfect. Thanks JM

Joseph, Copenhagen, Denmark

Jun 23
Thanks for sticking within the time frame promised. The quality of editing was outstanding. Continue with the good work.

Francis, Maserru, Lesotho

Jun 22
Virginia did a great job and I really liked her suggestions and improvements for my work in progress. I can recommend this service to any author who's serious about their work.

Cynthia, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Jun 20
Great service at a great price

Robert, Lake Worth, United States of America

Jun 19
After I saw the quality and time taken in my free sample editing, I did not hesitate to have FirstEditing edit my whole book. The quality of editing and comments from my editor, Christine, were just what my book needed. I couldn't be more satisfied!

Laura, Escondido, United States of America

Jun 19
I received my finished, edited manuscript a day earlier than scheduled and I'm extremely pleased. I am a newbie self-publishing author, and this is a non-fiction 385 page book about alternative medicine, energy-work and self-healing. I spent fifteen years compiling notes and creating this manuscript with some one hundred-twenty revisions. I was a bit apprehensive to say the least about letting it go for copy-editing. Every staff member I encountered along the way was very prompt to respond and answer my questions, very helpful, and a joy to work with. Having Jefferson as my copy-editor for this project was a dream come true for me. Not only does he have an interest and understanding of my genre, (healing arts and energy work) but he also had a genuine interest in making sure my message was clear, concise and proper. The transformation that my manuscript went through by the wordsmithing of a true craftsman absolutely left me spellbound. I could not believe how beautifully the words flowed and the main focus was only emphasized all the more. I hired FirstEditing because their price and turnaround time seemed very reasonable. But really, I was sold on the free sample edit. It was the forward to my book, and they did a fantastic job on it! The editing that was done gave me a whole new perspective on my message in the book. As an author, you loose sight of how important your work is, simply because you have looked at it daily for months to years. Reading my manuscript after the copy-editing opened my eyes to my own message as if I had never heard those words before. This was a revelation and an ah-ha moment for me. I realized by the end of the read that my work was reflective of my passion and vision. Cathryn, (my contributing author for my first book) and I have at present 5 more books in the wings to be written. FirstEditing, and namely Jefferson, will be on top of my list of contacts when they come around this spring and summer. I think so much of Jefferson's work that I felt moved to include him in the acknowledgements of this book. Thank you all so much. I never thought that I could be overjoyed at having 10,044 edits to look review and accept. By the way, this was all done in one shot. There was nothing to reject, change or add to. Job Well Done! Tony Damian

Tony, deltona, United States of America

Jun 18
I appreciate the fact that my editior not only did an excellent job of editing my novel, but also offered a helpful and very positive review of the chapters I submitted. I very much appreciated the very complete editing job, and the review of my latest submission.

Frank, Haverford, United States of America


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Book Editing Services

Our book editing services help perfect your work

Sometimes you are just too close to your work to clearly see what needs to be done to take your book from good to GREAT. After all, you've been living and breathing the subject matter and plot line. Book editing encompasses copy editing (spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc.) as well as larger overall elements of your manuscript...
 Click here to read more about our book editing services!

Professional book editors at your service

Book editors read and examine every single word while also considering each sentence, paragraph, character, plot point and argument as they stand individually and in relation to the entire manuscript.
 Click here to read more about our professional book editors!
Professional Book Editing Services

"I have published three action / adventure novels and a children's book. Thank you for everything you have done to help make my novel the best it can be."

Regards, B. Monson



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Rush Delivery is Available!

Testimonials Rating: 4.67 /5 898

We have loads of happy clients from all over the are some of them! (Refresh the page to view more.)

Shopper Award

United States of America  

United States of America

Dear Natasha, Your work is perfect for me. I also appreciate your words on the editorial commentary. I have a feeling that we will be working together again shortly! Thank you. Marcio

Marcio, Carlsbad, United States of America
About this editing project: Level 3 - Content Editing
Size: 2239 words
Category: Research Paper
Completed: 1 days Rush A Delivery
5 Rating -



Hello, Just wanted to say a huge thank you for editing my book! I felt that I got exactly what I paid for and the advice from my editor Nick was perfect! This book is very important to me and my family and I think it will do my son's memory some justice and I have you to thank for helping bringing the book to the best it can be!

Terrance, Regina, Canada
About this editing project: Level 1 - Standard Editing
Size: 108500 words
Category: Non-Fiction Book
Completed: 21 days Standard Delivery
5 Rating -

United Kingdom  

United Kingdom

Dear Madam/Sir, Thank you for your contact. I have received the documents and I am satisfied with the service, Vonda (the editor) did a very good job. I am looking forward to sending you other documents very soon. Regards,

Abdullah, Jesmond, United Kingdom
About this editing project: Executive Content Editing
Size: 23429 words
Category: Thesis / Dissertation
Completed: 5 days Standard Delivery
4.67 Rating -



Many thanks for returning the edited project days before the promised date. Last but not least, my decision to seek FirstEditing had stemmed from your forthright comments in my sample chapter I sent to you. Kind regards, Ivan

Ivan, Ruwi, Oman
About this editing project: Level 2 - Technical Editing
Size: 237322 words
Category: Fiction Book
Completed: 25 days Standard Delivery
5 Rating -



Superfast and even more embracing than what I've ordered!

Dorina, St.Gallen, Switzerland
About this editing project: Level 1 - Standard Editing
Size: 2500 words
Category: Journal / Article for Publication
Completed: 3 days Standard Delivery
5 Rating -



I appreciate that FirstEditing allows their customers to choose their editors. It is great to work with an editor who is familiar with your writings. Thank you FirstEditing!

Fatima, Doha, Qatar
About this editing project: Level 3 - Content Editing
Size: 1243 words
Category: Research Paper
Completed: 3 days Standard Delivery
4 Rating -



I would like to thank you for the wonderful job you have done editing and commenting on my work. Elise has done a fantastic job reading and feeling the text, commenting, making the writer see and think of certain angles one hasn't thought or seen before. Since this was not just a linguistic editing, the added value of having another pair of eyes, expert eyes, read the text with you, is very clear. Whether these texts get published, or are added to the millions of dreams and attempts to get published, is really irrelevant here. For me, personally, the greatest value I have received from this editing is that I got back a constructive feedback about what works well in my style of writing and how to make it better. The comments were informative, intelligent, and not too directing in that they did not interfere with the writer's own style, or got into the private space. I respect the fact the the editor respects the writer's intelligence, and lets him decide how to clarify a certain point. This is all I have for now. I am happy I had the opportunity to send this to you, and have it go through one round of editing. I am happy and satisfied with your work, and I would surely recommend you to colleagues and friends. Thank you again, Elise, for a wonderful job.

Hanna (Mr.), Israel
About this editing project: Level 3 - Content Editing
Size: 9672 words
Category: Fiction Book
Completed: 4 days Standard Delivery
5 Rating -



I thank you very much for your good advice. I just finished reviewing the edited document and am very satisfied with the result. My best regards to Allison.

Rita, Apeldoorn, Netherlands
About this editing project: Level 3 - Content Editing
Size: 64999 words
Category: Non-Fiction Book
Completed: 10 days Standard Delivery
Addon : Formatting in Word .doc file
5 Rating -

Saudi Arabia  

Saudi Arabia

dear editors many thanks regards ahmed bakhsh

Ahmed, al-khobar, Saudi Arabia
About this editing project: Level 2 - Technical Editing
Size: 2000 words
Category: Journal / Article for Publication
Completed: 3 days Standard Delivery
4 Rating -

South Africa  

South Africa

I enjoy that the editors at FirstEditing are people and that they comment as readers as well as editors of my work. The quality of the returned text is impressive and the distance the editors are willing to go to comment on and give insight into the edited body of work helps me as an author make decisions to best present my writing. I am preparing to release my next book and FirstEditing made a comprehensive job of preparing my writing for that purpose.

Alan, Pretoria, South Africa
About this editing project: Level 1 - Standard Editing
Size: 146035 words
Category: Fiction Book
Completed: 21 days Standard Delivery
4 Rating -
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Copy Editing Services

Know that you have a professional presentation with copy editing!

A good copy edit is an essential step in the success of every type of document, including fiction and non-fiction manuscripts, business proposals and marketing materials, articles and reports, research papers, dissertations and theses - anywhere that accuracy and clarity are needed!
 Click here to read more about our copy editing services!

Professional copy editors

A good copy editor knows the English language and grammar rules inside and out and has a broad, general knowledge of the world at large. Accuracy, speed and attention to detail are essential skills demonstrated by all FirstEditing copy editors.
 Click here to find out more about our professional copy editors...
Professional Copy Editing Services

"Hello - Thank you so much for your professional and speedy copy editing. I am very pleased with the results. Thank you again."

M. Satborch


Business Editing Services

Outsource your business editing to save frustration, time and money

Clear communication is vital to your business success! Advertising, professional presentations with PowerPoint, speeches, brochures, newsletters, RFPs, internal memos and more. You only get one chance to make the BEST first impression...
 Click here to read more about our business editing services!

Professional business editors at your service

Excellent business editors know the English language and grammar rules while always focusing on the marketing message you want to convey. You will receive ad-copy that is accurate, relevant to your specific business needs and delivered according to YOUR deadline!
  Click here to find out more about our professional business editors...
Professional Business Editing Services

"Thank you very much. I will certainly consider using your editing services again now and appreciate you for placing yourself in our shoes."

A. Louder, PMI Direct


Dissertation Editing Services

High quality dissertation editing services

Ensure that your dissertation's message is clear, concise and accurately stated within your individual formatting requirements.
Academic editing is vital to your research! Which style guide are you following? APA, Chicago, Turabian, or Harvard - make sure it is correct! You can have your paper formatted specificaly to your school or journal guidelines...
  Click here to read more about our professional dissertation editing services...

Experienced and professional dissertation editors

Our professional dissertation editors have served as examiners for undergraduate, Master's and PhD theses, so they know what to look for in a dissertation. Therefore, they also know what your examiner is looking for! Your editor will indicate all areas that need to be tightened up in order for you to pass your degree - they have been through it themselves and with their own students.
  Click here to discover more about how our professional dissertation editors can help you today!
Professional Dissertation Editing Services

"Once again please thank my editor, I think that she has done a truly excellent job, far exceeding what I would normally expect from an editing service. I wish I had contacted FirstEditing years ago!"

S. Gould


Thesis Editing Services

Solve your thesis editing problems today!

Receive professional advice on where extra references or research is required. Discover whether your arguments are flowing correctly or not. Short term papers, program applications (e.g., PhD/Master's applications) and full theses can be edited and formatted quickly...
  Click here to read more about our thesis editing services...

Professional thesis editors with at least ten years of experience

Our professional thesis editors are experienced examiners for undergraduate, Master's and PhD theses, so they know what to look for in a dissertation. Thus, they also know what your examiner is looking for! Your academic editor will indicate all areas that need revision in order to for you to pass your degree - they have been through it themselves and with their very own students.
  Click here to find out how our professional thesis editors can help you today...

Professional Thesis Editing Services

"My thesis has been approved and I am very content with the work of First Editing! I think I will be using your services again in the future. I am not used to such good friendly professional service in the Netherlands."

Kind regards, J. Van de Ridder


Paper Editing Services

Complete your paper on time with professional paper editing!

Know that your paper is ready for presentation after receiving professional paper editing which includes proofreading, checking your structural coherence, reviewing logic & grammar, adjusting style & voice, and formatting. Gain the academic editing support you need to submit with confidence!
  Click here to read more about our paper editing services...

Professional paper editors at your service

At FirstEditing we know how important your thesis, dissertation, or other academic work is. That's why our editors take your paper as seriously as you do. Your paper editing is completed by editors that have extensive experience editing academic work with more than ten years of experience in writing, editing and research.
  Click here to discover more about our professional paper editors...
Professional Paper Editing Services

"I could not thank you enough for a job well done! My paper looks good and is making more sense than it was before. I will definitely refer my sister to make use of your services. I cannot help smiling at the paper, great job and service."

Sincerely, I. Asino


Essay Editing Services

Succeed with your essay using professional essay editing services!

Ensure your paper is as error-free as possible. Get academic editors who are experienced at polishing essays to make them suitable for submission to even the most demanding professors.
  Click here to read more about our essay editing services...

Our essay editors can finalize your essay today

A successful essay must be free of grammatical errors and have correct punctuation and spelling. Your editor can correct any problems in these areas while also assisting you in reducing your essay to the word limit by eliminating excess verbiage, truncating thoughts or rewriting sentences.
  Click here to read more about our professional essay editors...
Professional Essay Editing Services

"Thank you so much for the's a big improvement and learning experience. Humbling too, as I realize I've forgotten most of the punctuation rules."

Thank you. J. Nordstrom


Technical Editing Services

Achieve more with technical editing than just the basics

FirstEditing offers several editing levels. For students and academic professionals, Level 2 Technical Editing is the best option. It covers the issues most important to these two groups of writers.
  Click here to find out more about our technical editing services...

Professional technical editors

Our editors specialize in technical editing and formatting services! Each has over ten years experience in the field, and you receive our Satisfaction Guarantee with every order. We here to ensure your success with a dissertation, thesis, research paper, how-to manual, report, etc.
  Click here to read more about our professional technical editors...
Professional Technical Editing Services

"A big thank you for guiding me through this process. I have gone through all of the editing changes made to my report and was really pleased with the quality of the work delivered."

Regards, D. Schraader


Fiction editing services

Submit for publishing with confidence after receiving professional fiction editing!

You get complete, speedy editing of your document. Ensure that you have a thoroughly proofed document, when you need it, guaranteed. But our Fiction Editing Service provides more than that. We also offer you one-on-one service...
  Click here to read more about our fiction editing services...

Professional fiction editors at your service

Our editors have edited many works of fiction in all genres, including horror, mystery, science fiction, Christian fiction, romance and more. We want you to be completely satisfied with the end result. Your fiction editor wants you to succeed! That's why we are here to answer all your questions and give you professional suggestions each step of the way...
  Click here to find out more about our professional fiction editors...
Professional Fiction Editing Services

"Thank you very much for your services. I am very satisfied with the job that my editor has done on my book."

All the best, B. Zecevic


Novel Editing Services

Complete your novel editing with assurance!

You can proudly distribute your writing after receiving complete professional novel editing services which eliminate spelling, grammar, punctuation and formatting errors. You receive a personal editor who can review your story line and more! Get the unbiased feedback you need to achieve success...
  Click here to read more about our novel editing services.

Professional novel editors at your service

Novel editors read and examine every single word while also considering each sentence, paragraph, character, plot point and argument as they stand individually and in relation to the entire manuscript.
  Click here to read about our professional novel editors!

Professional Novel Editing Services

"The editor was great! Whether I find a publisher (or not) I feel like my work is polished and error-free. I'm working on another novel and I'll definitely use you again for editing."

Thank you. S. Tellier


Manuscript Editing Services

Be sure your manuscript editing is complete!

Your goal is to produce a work that is as error-free as possible, whether it is just for your own files or you intend for it to be published. Manuscript editing services cover all fiction and nonfiction texts. This includes, but is not limited to: novels, poetry collections, academic papers, theses, self-help books, reports and more...
  Click here to read more about manuscript editing services.

Professional manuscript editors at your service

Our editors who specialize in manuscript editing have over ten years experience in the field and you have a satisfaction guarantee of our services. Some of the things our editors will look for include...
  Click here to learn more about our professional manuscript editors!

Professional Manuscript Editing Services

"I absolutely love the editor's work! I am looking forward to working on the final manuscript, sypnosis, and query letter with her. Thanks so much for your help, I look forward to working with you again soon."

Y. Hamilton


Proofreading Services

Receive assurance that you are ready to publish with professional proofreading services!

Are you confident that your writing is well-organized and clearly written? All it needs is that little bit of polish and a final set of eyes to make sure no errors have been missed. Receive a professional and speedy proofread so that you can meet your deadline today!
  Click here to read more about proofreading services.

Professional proofreaders are here to help you

Professional proofreaders examine every single word for grammatical and typographical errors. Meanwhile, as professional editors they also consider each sentence, paragraph, character, plot point and argument as they stand individually and in relation to the entire manuscript. Send us a portion of your writing today to determine what level of proofreading / editing is best for you!
  Click here to read about our professional proofreaders!

Professional Proofreading Services

"Thank you for your time. From what I see, it's an excellent proofread, and I will use your services again, especially for my website."

R. Saporito

Copy Editing Services

Business Editing Services

Proofreading Services

Technical Editing Services

Book Editing Services

Manuscript Editing Services

Novel Editing Services

Fiction Editing Services

Dissertation Editing Services

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Essay Editing Services

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