Young Writers Workshop

A dynamic 60-to 90-minute interactive PowerPoint presentation parents and educators are raving about (see comments below). Debora addresses how-to writing tips about age-appropriate literary and stylistic devices, sensory descriptions and use of power verbs with her unique blend of humor, enthusiasm and experience. Fun application exercises help students improve their own writing skills and motivate them toward creativity. Recommended for 5th – 12th grade students (the time and content of each presentation is tailored to the specific audience). Contact Debora to book a YWW for your public, private or homeschool group.

What educators are saying about the Young Writers Workshop:

“My students raved about Debora’s enthusiasm when she presented the Young Writers Workshop to 9th and 10th grade English students. Her passion for writing, her quick wit, and the tips she provided inspired many to begin writing their first novel. She engages teens and encourages them to climb the writing mountain because they can. I highly recommend Debora Coty as a speaker who helps teens connect with every step of the writing process.” ~ Cheryl Johnston, Writer and English Teacher Durant High School, Plant City, FL

“Our 6 – 12th grade students were inspired and enlightened by Debbie Coty’s presentation of the Young Writers Workshop. Using humor and practical information based on her own experiences, she taught them about the joys and challenges on the road to becoming a published author. With examples from her first novel, The Distant Shore, she illustrated such techniques as character development, point of view, conflict resolution and research. She also encouraged students with suggestions to improve their own writing. I would highly recommend this fun, informative and applicable workshop!”  ~ Elizabeth Cuthbertson, Legacy Homeschool Group, Tampa, FL

“Debora Coty’s presentation of the Young Writers Workshop at our school was very engaging and informative. The third and fourth-grade students’ response to her program was extremely positive. Debora generated excitement about writing and reinforced the power of the written word.” ~ Cindy Lyons, teacher J.S. Robinson Elementary School, Plant City, FL

“Debora M. Coty had an incredibly insightful presentation on a the Young Writers Workshop for my sixth grade Language Arts classroom. She spoke to approximately 90 sixth grade students; she was able to hold their attention for the entire class period—not an easy task for this age group! The students were very interested in her presentation and many commented on it days later. Several students ordered her book, A Distant Shore, and some have also borrowed the book from my in-class library. Debora is a talented writer of young adult fiction—fiction that appeals to all age groups. I would gladly welcome her into my classroom again and would recommend her presentation to other educators seeking to motivate their students to write with passion.” ~ Diana Napier, teacher Mann Middle School, Brandon, FL

“I highly recommend Debora Coty’s Young Writers Workshop for young writers. Our fourth graders were truly inspired to write their own stories and believe that they can be published! Debora held their attention with her humor and creative student interactions. Teachers and students were equally motivated.” ~ Kim Greaves Fourth Grade Teacher Bell Shoals Baptist Academy, Brandon, FL

“Imagine my surprise when I stepped in to Deb’s Young Writer’s Workshop for Grades 6-8 at the Living Word Bookstore and found candies flying through the room! Students sat on the edge of their seats, trying to be the first to offer a correct answer so they could get the prize candy. A power verb…hum…she’s asking for a power verb to replace ‘she walked quickly across the room.’ “Darted,” I suggested. Zing! A candy was flung in my direction. I missed the toss. It was unexpected. I didn’t know I was part of the game. “Oh, this is fun,” I thought, and saw the others were equally engaged.

Deb’s passion for writing is contagious. Her fun and winsome personality keeps the class tuned in while she offers helpful tips to improve their writing skills. She shares freely from her personal writer’s journey, giving everyone the opinion that, “I, too, can do this!” There are practical suggestions like how to gather data for your novel as well as information about what editors are looking for today.

I recommend this workshop to students who enjoy writing and those who do not. Deb’s presentation may be the spark to get the fire going. Who can help but be inspired by her charming, authentic, and riveting enthusiasm?” ~ Marjorie Bozer, Homeschool Mom, Director of Communications, Learning and Families, Sarasota, FL

“We found Debora’s presentation of the Young Writers Workshop to be a very educational program. Debora awakened and excited the students about the fun of writing. During the interactive learning segment, the students loved shouting out ‘power verbs’ in anticipation of rewards for correct answers. We are all looking forward to Billowing Sails, the sequel to The Distant Shore, and plan to have Debora return next school year. I would definitely recommend this program to any school.” ~ Sandie Bundy, teacher, Temple Christian School, Titusville, FL

“Debora was asked to speak to a group of girls aged 11-13 at Burnett Middle School. Her presentation was filled with vivacious enthusiasm. She interacted with the girls and held their interest throughout the presentation. All of the girls were impressed that someone so talented and successful was willing to spend so much time sharing her life experiences with them. This experience is one that will have a lasting effect on their own future paths to becoming successful women.” ~ Sharon New, teacher Burnett Middle School, Seffner, FL

“While sharing humorous anecdotes of her journey towards becoming a published author, Debora introduced our students to success strategies such as how to handle rejection, persevering, doing research, and keeping a positive attitude. The following day, the students shared how energized and inspired they were by her presentation. Using the six-word technique that Mrs. Coty had taught them, one student summed it up best: “She came, She Spoke, She Inspired”. Mrs. Coty is a genuine, caring and fun person that will be invited to return to our school so that more of our students may benefit from her workshop.” ~ Sonja Gissy, teacher Dr. Phillips High School, Orlando, FL