Too Blessed to Be Stressed

Recipient of the celebrated Mom’s Choice Award.

Do your to do lists have footnotes? Has your fam suggested a rabies shot because your bite has surpassed Rover’s?

Maybe it’s time for a healthy dose of truth gift-wrapped in humor. With her own offbeat brand of wit and near-wisdom, inspirational humorist Debora Coty addresses the heart-needs of desperate women drowning in the churning everyday stress-pool of busyness.
In Too Blessed to Be Stressed, you’ll find simple, practical steps for attaining the peace that you crave as you struggle with the stresses of finances, health, career, relationships, self-image and family. You’ll discover healing, refreshment, and revitalization for your own spirit, body and mind through heart-changing real life stories, biblically based insights, and short chapters for on-the-run convenience.
Too Blessed to Be Stressed(Barbour Publishing) will be available in print and e-book editions August 1, 2011.  (Excerpt – Time Management)
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Too Blessed to Be Stressed book signing at Lifeway Christian Store

What people are saying about Too Blessed to be Stressed

I just finished your book, Too Blessed To Be StressedIt is by far one of the most impactful and uplifting books I have read in a long time. I can’t wait to read your other offerings and feel I have found a real treasure in your way of communicating God’s promises and a fresh perspective on dealing with stress. Thank you so much!
~ Caroline Grossman


Wendi’s Book Corner ~ Rainy Day Reads in Seattle? What a powerful and helpful book!  We women tend to jump into things with 100% of our hearts and souls, to the point that life sometimes completely stresses us out (of our own doing).  With a wonderful sense of humor, Debora Coty helps us work through some important key areas that will help us through these tough times. I think this book would be a great devotional. I highly recommend this book! (And I’ll probably give it as a gift to at least one or two of the special stressed-out women in my life).


Abi at  4 the LOVE of BOOKS She’s back. Debora M. Coty, with her wit and charm and more lessons for us women to learn. We live in fast paced society and I have much needed these lessons of time management, developing a sense of humor, cultivating relationships and focusing on my Faith. They are just the encouragement that I needed at this time in my life and I’m sure other women need them too. Thanks Debora for sharing with women all over the world pieces of your life that you have learned from so we too may learn.


Jill at Book, Books Everywhere There are so many nuggets of wisdom in this book!


Carol’s Corner I love this book!  It’s a fun-light hearted way to address issues of stress that all women deal with. I love how the author intertwines faith and humor. The stores are short with questions at the end to help you dive deeper into these issues. I think this book is a must have for every woman. It helps us remember to laugh and to look to God and our faith when we are stressed. I am going to get this book for my girlfriends. I give this book a five out of five stars.


Sharon’s Garden of Book Reviews? Debora Coty breaks down the chapters into 40 bitefuls of advice, inspiration and humor, and includes hilarious ancedotes and personal stories, along with some really good information on handling stress. Know someone who’s a little stressed out? (ok, that’s most of us these days!)  This is the perfect book to give to nudge them into finding a little peace in their lives! I highly recommend this book!


Heidi at Starts At Eight In each chapter Debora offers up a relatable story with some humor and advice. Stress is currently my middle name so this was the perfect quick read for me!  One of my favorites of hers was when she suggested that you add yourself to your own “to-do” list!  I chuckle just thinking about it!  She suggests giving yourself 15 minutes twice a day to revive, regroup, and regenerate.  A practical idea, and an ironic way to do it!


Valerie at Let’s Just Give It Away Debora brings a great sense of humor to this book and is written in a way that we can all relate to. The stories are the stories that you would share with your girlfriends. These stories will have you thinking that this book is written about you. There are tons of great and simple things that you can to become less stressed. At the end of each chapter is a section titled “Let’s Decom-stress” which offers activities or asks questions that will help you get rid of stress. Coty focuses on God or Papa God as she calls him in her book, to help us release our worries and stress. This is a great book to read and makes a great gift for any stressed out women you know. I really enjoyed this book and I love the tips I have learned and feel less stressed.


I laughed out loud, chuckled, did a lot of head nodding in agreement, and closed the cover realizing that I am one of many women who are just too hard on themselves sometimes.  Containing forty devotionals, each begins with a scripture verse and ends with a thought-provoking quote and questions for the reader.  Her devotionals are full of personal stories she shares with a lot of humor.

With an off-beat wit, she addresses heart needs of women to bring healing, refreshment, and revitalization of spirit, body, and faith.  I believe ladies church or mother’s groups would benefit from this truth wrapped humor book.
~ Ruth, Thoughts from a Princess blog


“What a DELIGHT to read!  This book has given me more chuckles than I can remember in quite some time.  Totally relatable – real, down-to-earth experiences shared in a humorous light – this book makes perfect sense to me! Whether you read this as a devotional – or daily encouragement – or just so you can crack up laughing while reading it in your doctor’s waiting room so everybody stares at you wondering “what’s so funny?” —this book makes for a GREAT read!  If you are stressed AT ALL – grab this book.  You’ll be giggling ‘cuz you did!”
~  Debbie Taylor, Christian Stay at Home Moms


I seriously LOVE this book.  Coty uses  real life situations, scriptural references, a good dose of humor and finally a short set of questions at the end of each chapter  to allow you to not only think about what you just read but apply what you read (learned) to your daily life.

A few quotes that really stood out to me (Paraphrased! You’ll have to read the book for the real goodies!):

~ “We are all just a phone call away from our knees.”

~ “If you tell yourself “I can’t” then it’s a fact that you won’t.    Ever.  Instead tell yourself “I will” that becomes even stronger and supersedes the first statement.”

~ “I can’t is one of my newest mantras and one my husband has actually dared me to stop saying.  I say it multiple times a day.  This entire “lesson” really spoke to me because positive self-talk is not an easy thing for me.”

~ “We must remind ourselves that what-ifs aren’t real. That’s Satan stealing our peace.”

~ “For me this was a great reminder.  Those what ifs…they get me absolutely no where.  I know that but I can’t think logically once they take hold of my heart.”

~ “Men are a lot like dogs (This is SO my favorite! LOL)  They have simple basic needs: Someone to play with them,someone to feed them, to scratch where it itches, gush over them…and GIVE THEM RESPECT.”

So buy the book.  Read it.  Answer the questions.  And realize how very blessed you really are too!
~ Sheri at Shades of Pink


Short, sweet, to-the-point, and make me laugh” has always been my standard, and you have done just that! Thank you so much for taking the time to write this book! You’re a hero in my eyes, and truly a great role model. It’d be so cool if I had the opportunity to meet you someday.
~ Kaley L.


“I recommend Debora Coty’s TOO BLESSED TO BE STRESSED! Her style hooked me from page one and never let me go. All while laughing, I received encouragement and inspiration to learn and grow. From chocolate to going green and from GREASE TO PEACE, this devotional inspires with scripture and laughter in equal parts. I will reread this book often to find another gem of knowledge, to mediate, or to have a good laugh … and so will you.”
~ Eleanor Anders


“Too many times the world encroaches on our peace, but Ms. Coty will help bring you back to a place where you can feel power to overcome the problems. Too Blessed to Be Stressed made me laugh, think, and count my blessings. I think this book will make a great addition to any library and I will be purchasing copies for gifts.”
~ Donna Safford


 “I really enjoyed this book! It was hilarious! I found myself going beyond a chapter at a time- not pacing myself. I also read a few of the stories aloud to my husband because he just had to know what was so funny it was making me snort. This book claims to give practical steps for peace and stress relief. What the author doesn’t mention is that the stories themselves are great stress relievers – laughter is definitely the best recipe for stress!”
~ Coreanne


“The title of this book immediately caught my eye and I just knew I had to read it! I was not disappointed! This is a great book to use as a devotional. Debora just had a really great way of catching my attention with each of her stories and making me feel like I was normal. With a great sense of humor, Debora relays stories from monkeys swinging in trees, to giving a stranger mouth-to-mouth, and comparing men to dogs! (That was hysterical, but sadly true!). I was so touched by some of the stories that I cried, and then I’d turn the page and be rolling on the floor with laughter. I’ve not read a book where the author was so open about herself (or her friends) in order to get across her point that God loves us no matter where we are in life and no matter what we’ve done. His love is unfailing. If you need a good laugh, then grab this true pick-me-up book and know that you really are loved!”
~ Jodie M.


Too Blessed To Be Stressed is just what I needed! I was laughing my way through this light-hearted but very helpful book. At times I feel as if I’ve forgotten how to laugh, but as I was reading ,I heard the giggles falling right out of my mouth. Very refreshing!”
~ Mary Ann DiLoreto


“What a wonderful, funny book! This book came at just the right time for me (getting everything ready to start back to our homeschooling). The author has a wonderful way of writing that really makes you feel “normal” about your crazy stressful life! This is the kind of book you can and should read over and over (I’m keeping mine on my night stand for quick access). The way she has set up the book it would be super easy to re-read the entire book, a specific section or even just one chapter that may be just what you need at any given time. The “Let’s Decom-Stress” at the end of each chapter really finishes it off for me! I highly recommend this book! A MUST READ!!
~ Meg Hykes


“Last year, I won one of your Facebook party sweepstakes and won a signed copy of your book Too Blessed to be Stressed. It was the best book ever! But the reason I am writing you now is because I let my Mom borrow it when she was having a hard time. She is on her tenth read now. Yup, she keeps reading it over and over cause it makes her laugh. I can’t thank you enough for helping put that beautiful smile back on my Mom’s face! ?”
~ Pamela S.


Small Group Endorsements for TBTBS

Comments from ladies who’ve used Too Blessed to Be Stressedin their
Bible Study groups:

Too Blessed to Be Stressed was absolutely pertinent to our lives and very, very easy to relate to. We all loved the conversational style of writing.”

“This is an effective small group outreach tool because the chapters are short, easy to read, and the book focuses on building personal relationships.”

“Not at all intimidating for someone who wants to learn more about what the Bible says and how to apply it to real life. It reads like you’re talking to a girlfriend.”

“It is extremely helpful to read about how others go through some of the same issues I do and how they successfully deal with those issues.”

“Reading Too Blessed to Be Stressed together helped us to learn more about each other every week. We all opened up a little more discussing each “Let’s Decom-Stress” question.”

“Our group bonded and became very close in only 10 weeks of study and fellowship.”

“We are a new church and building relationships among our women was a big goal for us. This study did that in a wonderful way!”

“I didn’t know I could laugh so much learning how to live for Christ.”

“The biggest take-away for our group was friendship. One sister opened up about being a cancer survivor and said, “Look – I’m smiling even though I don’t feel like smiling!”

“Everyone in our Bible Study loved this book; we would most definitely recommend Too Blessed to Be Stressed to other small groups and can’t wait to be blessed by your next study, More Beauty, Less Beast.”


Too Blessed to be Stressed in Spanish!

Too Blessed to be Stressed (Spanish)Muy bendecida para estar estresada es un libro q lo escribio para mi una gran amiga me lo regalo y me encanta, quisiera saber si tiene alguna pagina donde hable ingles por q no entiendo solo español gracias Debora muchas Bendiciones.”
Katiria Torres
English Translation: I loved Too Blessed to be Stressed so much that I gave it to my friend as a gift. Many blessings, Debora. 


“Excelente libro para las mujeres, especialmente las que son esposas, madres etccc. Y es asi realmente somos muy bendecidas para estar tan estresadas.”
~ Liliana Morales, CA 
English translation: “Great book! Excellent book for women, especially those who are wives, mothers etc. And so really we are very blessed to be so stressed.”